VANCOUVER, CANADA, October 29, 2013 – Aegis Mobility, the global leader in solutions to prevent distracted driving, announced today that it has released, with Frost & Sullivan, a Distracted Driving Positioning Paper.

The positioning paper assists corporations in understanding the problem of distracted driving and provides an overview of solution considerations.

The topics covered in the paper include (a) an industry problem overview (b) market drivers and characteristics (c) managing risk and liability for corporations (d) solution considerations and (e) questions to ask when evaluating solutions.

The paper complements our previously published white paper Distracted Driving: Understanding Your Business Risk and Liability and the recently released FleetSafer Video.

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About Aegis Mobility

Aegis Mobility is the world’s leading provider of patented software for mobile devices to prevent workplace distracted driving. Designed specifically for corporate customers, FleetSafer enables employers to proactively promote safe and legal use of mobile devices while employees are driving on the job.

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