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Fall 2013 - In This Issue:
There was no slowdown due to summer vacations in the distracted driving market. Global safety leaders were busy taking actions to improve the safety of their employees and the public at large.

In this newsletter, we share an update from CNA Insurance, who are working with Aegis to offer FleetSafer to their customers as part of CNA's Risk Control program. CNA customers qualify for a free evaluation and preferred partner rates.

We place a spotlight on tablets and profile a customer success story for a fleet of more than 10,000 vehicles that uses tablets for navigation while driving and workforce automation tools while stationary.

In August, Aegis received the Frost & Sullivan 2013 Customer Value Leadership Award in recognition of industry leadership and in recognition of an estimated 75% market share in the distracted driving market.

Finally, we provide an overview of the Aegis CrossRoads Administration and Reporting Portal as a critical element in the solution to distracted driving.

As always, we look forward to hearing from you as we  share research, data and real-world experience regarding corporate risk and liability associated with employee distracted driving.

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Paul Zimmerman, CEO
Aegis Mobility


Aegis Mobility and CNA insurance have partnered to provide safe driving solutions to CNA customers. An Aegis link appears in CNA's Risk Control portal, allowing CNA customers to sign up for a free evaluation of FleetSafer from Aegis Mobility -- and to receive preferred partner rates. Adoption of FleetSafer by CNA customers is expected to lead to savings for both CNA and their customers by addressing one of the leading causes of vehicle accidents.


For more information, please see our press release and the CNA Risk Control portal.

For a fresh and detailed examination of key distracted driving issues, download our Risk & Liability white paper, which was written in collaboration with a national law firm specialized in defending corporate clients in complex litigation.


Forrester Research's recent report predicts that annual sales of tablets will reach almost 400M units within 4 years and 20% of those will be enterprise purchases. The tablet is the fastest-ramping technology device in history.
Tablets fastest rampingStephanie Blanchard of Mobile Enterprise recently wrote, "As tablet use is on the rise, many enterprises are adopting the form factor to enhance and replace business processes and improve the bottom line. Field workers in particular, whether in service or sales, are using tablets more than ever. Driver safety is a top concern as it is and distracted driving is a liability for business. It is the cause of 9 deaths and 1,060 injured individuals in the U.S. - per day - according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The agency's 2011 study showed that 31% of U.S. drivers (ages 18-64) had either read or sent a text message while behind the wheel. Adding tablets to the mix has the potential of running those numbers up, if users take their eyes off the road, or take their minds off driving."
Aegis has developed the leading solution for ensuring the legal and safe use of tablets in vehicles while whitelisting applications required for productivity and cost savings such as navigation. Read more about the Aegis solution for tablets in this blog post and this customer success story.


Aegis was recently awarded the Frost & Sullivan 2013 Customer Value Leadership Award for Distracted Driving Solutions. The award is presented each year to the company that has demonstrated excellence in implementing strategies that proactively create value for its customers.

Aegis Award Frost & SullivanNandini Tare, Frost & Sullivan's lead analyst said, "FleetSafer from Aegis Mobility is the broadest portfolio of solutions to address distracted driving. Given the diverse needs of corporate fleets, this breadth of offering is critical to delivering the best possible value to enterprise clients. Importantly, the Aegis products are managed under a single portal, which provides powerful and easy-to-use administration, analytics and reporting. These are the reasons that Aegis was chosen as the 2013 award recipient and these are the reasons that Aegis has earned the industry leadership position with an approximate 75 percent market share." 

Read the Press Release | Download the Report


We've been hard at work enhancing the industry leadership position of the Crossroads Reporting portal, our web-based analytics hub for presenting distracted-driving data reported by the FleetSafer clients.

Crossroads Reporting presents dashboards at the organization and driver levels that chart the frequency of distracting events while driving. Sliders make it easy to change the date range to focus on specific periods.

Drilling down is supported, allowing examination of the details of each driver's trips and events. Thresholds can be set to color values according to severity, and alerts and notifications based on configurable thresholds can be integrated with email and other enterprise communication platforms. Trips and events can be plotted on maps. Data can also be exported for analysis using other tools.

To see for yourself, contact us and set up a demo!


Impactful Distraction article

Nathan Seppa of Science News authored an excellent article entitled "Impactful Distraction - Talking while driving poses dangers that people seem unable to see." Read the article and get Aegis CEO Paul Zimmerman's take on it in this blog post.


From One Second to the Next documentary 

Our friends at AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile sponsored the creation of the documentary "From One Second To The Next" so that more people might effect change in their lives before facing their own personal tragedy related to distracted driving. Read more and watch the video

Legislation, regulation and technology are critical tools in the fight to prevent distracted driving, but so too is EDUCATION. Feel free to check out our collection of expert white papers and survey research, including:

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